Innovative employee activation campaign

Client: Merck KGaA
Marketfield: Healthcare & Life Science
Release: 2016

Fuel for Innovation

Merck is a leading science and technology company focused on the area of healthcare, life science and performance materials.

Our value contribution: Via gamification approach involvement for innovation and international internal dialogue focussing on one’s own innovational strength was created. Thereby, not only internal identification with Merck’s priority topic was improved, but also the number of submitted internal ideas for innovation was increased.

Advantages for Merck KGaA

  • Improvement of awareness for Merck innovation center
  • Effective knowhow transfer via gamification approach
  • Sustainable improvement of commitment by ongoing challenges and exciting content
  • 25% of employees worldwide contributed and the participation in Merck’s global innovation initiative was increased immensely

TWT Services

  • Strategic consultation and identification of an ideal motivational pioneer
  • Concept and precise planning of gamification mechanism
  • Creation and planning of detailed activation phases (roadshow, briefing kit, etc.)
  • Development of design, illustrations and content
  • Worldwide shipment and distribution of created products and materials


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